Im folgenden alle im Unreal-IRC-Server verfügbaren User- und Channel-Modes:

Channel Modes
Mode Beschreibung
A Only Administrators may join
a <nick> Makes the user a channel admin
b <nick!user@host> Bans the given user from the channel
c No ANSI color can be sent to the channel
C No CTCP's allowed in the channel
e <nick!user@host> Exception ban – If someone matches this, they can join a channel even if they match an existing ban
f [<number><type>]:<seconds> Channel flood protection
G Makes channel G rated. Checks for words listed in the Badword Blocks, and replaces them with the words specified
h <nick> Gives half-op status to the user
i Invite required
I <nick!user@host> Invite exceptions („invex“) - if someone matches this, they can bypass +i requirements to enter the channel.
j <joins:seconds> Throttles joins per-user to joins per seconds seconds
K /knock is not allowed
k <key> Sets a key needed to join
l <##> Sets max number of users
L <Chan> If the amount set by +l has been reached, users will be sent to this channel
M A registered nickname (+r) is required to talk
m Moderated channel. Only +v/o/h users may speak
N No nick name changes permitted
n No messages from outside channels
O Only IRCops may join
o <nick> Gives a user channel operator status
p Makes channel private
q <nick> Sets channel owner
Q Only U:Lined servers can kick users
R Requires a registered nickname to join
S Strips all incoming colors
s Makes channel secret
t Only chanops can set topic
T No NOTICE's allowed in the channel
u Auditorium – Makes /names and /who #channel only show channel ops
V /invite is not allowed
v <nick> Gives a voice to users. (May speak in +m channels)
z Only clients on a Secure (SSL) Connection may join
Mode Beschreibung
A Server Admin (Set in Oper Block)
a Services Admin (Set in Oper Block)
B Marks you as being a Bot
C Co-Admin (Set in Oper Block)
d Makes it so you can not receive channel PRIVMSGs (with the exception of text prefixed with certain characters, see set::channel-command-prefix)
G Filters out all the bad words per configuration
g Can send & read globops and locops
H Hide IRCop Status (IRCop Only)
h Available for help (HelpOp) (Set in OperBlock)
i Invisible (not shown in /who)
N Network Administrator (Set in Oper Block)
O Local IRC Operator (Set in Oper Block)
o Global IRC Operator (Set in Oper Block)
p Hides the channels you are in from /whois
q Only U:Lines can kick you (Services Admins Only)
R Allows you to only receive PRIVMSGs/NOTICEs from registered (+r) users
r Identifies the nick as being registered
s Can listen to server notices
T Prevents you from receiving CTCPs
t Says you are using a /vhost
V Marks you as a WebTV user
v Receives infected DCC Send Rejection notices
W Lets you see when people do a /whois on you (IRCops Only)
w Can listen to wallop messages
x Gives user a hidden hostname
z Indicates that you are an SSL client
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